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16 June 2010 @ 03:58 am
jonghyun x key; PG-15; vampire!AU
3191 words

The Night Council consisted of thirteen of the Night World’s most powerful, ingenious vampires, assembled to keep the Night World’s secret unbeknownst to humans. Their job was relatively easy; protect the Night World’s secret, and eliminate those who didn’t.
A SHINee, Super Junior and f(x) crossover.
This is a spin-off to Newborn, which I recommend you read first in order to understand the whole story.

( They had come a long way since moats, castles and coffins, Heechul thought as he walked along the sidewalk of a rich, suburban neighborhood. The head of the Council, Park Jungsu had called for a meeting at his lavish bungalow that night, reporting of a matter that bid for the assembly of the thirteen gifted vampires. )