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Super leader ! ♥ 이특사랑해요 ~~

Super Junior's special leader, the angel without wings, Teukieteukie Eeteuk!

Eeteuk fans community
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♥ Welcome to the first LJ community focused on Eeteuk, the Super junior Leader ♥

♥ Super Junior's special leader, the angel without wings, Teukieteukie Eeteuk ! ♥

Most of the posts in this community are FRIENDS-LOCKED ; JOIN to see ! ^^

You can check the directory/memories here (last update May 29th)! <3


Real Name : 박정수 Park Jungsoo
Stage Name : 이특 Leeteuk (Official) | Eeteuk (Unofficial)
Chinese Name : 李特 Li Te
Date of Birth : July 1, 1983
Family : one older sister named Park In Young
Height : 178 cm (real size calculated in a show is 176cm)
Weight : 59 kg (...Not really accurate anymore)
Blood Type : A
Hobbies : piano, composing music, listening to music, singing, going online
Cyworld : first cyworld username - "jsplus" - owned by his father in suju debut.
then he used - "Forget angel"
And then, came back to Jsplus.
IPLE : Pleeteuk
Casting : Starlight Casting System 2000
First Appearance : 2000 MBC "All About Eve"
Trivia Fact: Leader of Super Junior; his name change from Park Jungsu to a stage name was explained on "Happy Together Friends" - he wanted a name like Kangta, Hyesung or Junjin, thus he decided to change his name to Leeteuk (or Eeteuk), which means "special", because he is a "special guy". Rumours had it that Park Jungsu had a crush on Jang Nara for three years, but it was proven to be fake. He has MCed for M!Countdown with Kangin and Shindong. Said to be the member with the most interest in the opposite sex. Leeteuk got lasik (laser eye surgery), now he wears lensless glasses for fashion.

Credits for this profile goes to kyuppuccino (La'MISS:fairy) @ soompi


o1. All your post must be about Eeteuk of course. Not only him, but there must be something.

o2. Pictures, scans, fanart, video download, mp3 download, news, or graphics (excluding icons) are allowed.

o3. Are not allowed : icons and advertissment except if it has been approved by one of the moderators. And it has to be strictly focused on Eeteuk. No need to bother you asking if it's an advertissement for a RPG comm : It's not allowed. Thanks~~

o4. Use Lj-cuts for more than 1 pic or if it's more than 400 pxl large.

o5. No bashing of the Super Junior members, members of the community or anyone else for that matter.

o6. Don't forget to credit when you post news or media.

o7. No insults, flaming or anything like that here, please.

o8. Newcomers intro post without sharing anything are not allowed.

o9. If you already posted ( or planning to post ) in more than 3 other communities the same post as in super_leader, I'll delete your post.
--> Even more chance to see your post deleted if you posted at super_junior first. Because seriously, if someone joined the Eeteuk community he will always be in the band comm too.

1o. Have fun and spread the Jungsoo love <3

Eeteuk won the Bishie's best eyes contest at bishie_daily



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